Our parish life pivots around Sunday worship. We value a wide variety of expressions of worship including different forms of liturgy, music, drama, dance and visual arts. We hold two morning services that offer distinct approaches.


The 9:00 service of Holy Eucharist is a quiet, spoken liturgy based on the language of the Book of Common Prayer. This service is held in the Chapel of the Comforter. The liturgy is printed in a booklet and a paper bulletin is used. This is a shorter service since there are no hymns or anthems so it is affectionately referred to by some of the regular attendees as “Eucharist Express”. That said, it is a deeply meaningful and intimate time of worship and prayer.


The 10:30 service is a Choral Eucharist with some intoning of the liturgy, using the Book of Alternative Services. This is held in the main body of the church with the procession of the Cross and sung liturgical responses led by the choir. The Gospel is read in the midst of the people. The psalm is usually spoken with a sung refrain but may also be chanted by cantor & choir or sung congregationally. Once a month we hold a service of Laying-On-Of-Hands for Healing with Anointing. The priest is assisted in this by two accredited Lay Anointers, and this occurs in the chapel as the parishioners take communion at the main altar. The order of service is projected on screens throughout the sanctuary and a limited number of paper bulletins are available.


As well as Sunday worship, St. Luke opens its doors for Wednesday Morning Prayer in the Chapel of the Comforter. This is frequently lay-led, using a variety of liturgies for the seasons of the Christian year, and several forms from other Anglican traditions. There is no homily at this service rather, the participants reflect together on how the scriptures speak to our daily living and personal growth in the faith of Christ. This is a very informal and intimate time of worship and fellowship, as we encourage each other in our personal and communal life as Christians in a secular world. Whereas the Sunday services put a “full stop” at the end of a busy week, the Wednesday service is seen more as a “comma” – a chance to draw breath and pause, if only briefly, to seek and serve God mid-week. This service is followed by tea and conversation that is open-ended and wide-ranging. It is a seed-bed for new ideas for our church family.